Thursday, 1 May 2014

Audio Books: An amazing option for lazy readers

Are you one of the people who enjoy stories, but are too lazy to read a book? Well, here is a solution for you - audio books. It's nothing new, but thanks to the digital media, it is now even easier to access most of the popular new books in audio format. Most of the books are read by professional actors, which makes the experience even more enjoyable.
Before the audiobooks were published online, you had to look for casettes or CDs with audio recording. Now, it takes just a few seconds to purchase any audio book right into your smartphone and you can start listening right away.
In this article, I will mention some of the possibilities you have in order to enjoy your time by listening to the stories you like.


This is probably the most popular possibility. This online store belongs to Amazon since this company bought it for 300 million dollars in March 2008. It features over 150 000 audio recordings and all of them are available to download right into your mobile device or personal computer, which makes it really easy to use. Audible also produces some of the recordings and it includes also podcasts, political speeches and a wide variety of ebooks and journals. If you are interested in this possibility, you can join for a free 30 days trial on

Apple iTunes Audiobooks

For iPhone or iPad users, this would probably be the best possibility. Search for your favourite audiobooks using the iTunes Store. The catalogue can be found in the Books section. The price may vary according to the type of book you want to download.


This is the right option for the fans of "free books". At first, I need to assure you, that this is nothing illegal, no torrents or anything you could consider as piracy. A very nice idea connects the fans of audio books and using online forums, people volunteer to record the books themselves and post it online for free. None of these people get actually paid for it, but in spite of this, a large number of volunteers are very active on this webpage. It is necessary to mention, that all of the books recorded are on the public domain. This means that all the books on this webpage are old enough not to be protected by copyright, so you don't have to worry about piracy. This information is mentioned in the beginning of every librivox recording together with the information about the possibility to volunteer. Check out this amazing project! On the main page you can choose if you want to read or listen. There is also an official app for iOS and Android, which makes this webpage even easier to use.

Good night!

Judging fom personal experience I can say, that listening to audiobooks is a great solution for people who have troubles falling asleep. Just put your smartphone near your bed, turn on your favourite book and relax. Just like children like listening to bedtime stories before falling asleep, you will enjoy this just as much. Moreover, the smartphone apps have also a special "timer function", which makes sure, that the audiobook is turned off after a certain time after you fall asleep. 

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