Sunday, 6 April 2014

How digital media change the way we look at books.

My name is Robert Kandrik, I study Media in Robert Gordon University. This is a blog created for the Digital Media Platforms and Practices and it is going to discuss the impacts of digital media on books. Digital media have changed how we read, what we read and not only that. Books existed many years before, but now, ever since the internet was invented, everything has changed. While the digital media provided many other possibilities, people still did not forget about the "good old books". To make sure that books do not lose their popularity and significance, we need to use digital media and internet as an advantage and enhance the reading experience.

Many companies have realised that if this is done in the right way, it can be very profitable for them. A good example is Amazon. They released their First generation Kindle in 2007 and it was sold out in a few hours. Since then they managed to sold a huge amount of ebooks. That's why I will start by analysing this company and later on i'm planning to talk about companies such as Barnes and Noble and Kobo. There will be an article about fan fiction, mentioning how digital media provide a space for amateur writers to share their works with other fans. You will find many articles discussing the current situation of digital books, interesting webpages about digital books etc.

Social media create a possibility for authors to communicate with their readers and this topic will also be mentioned later on this blog. Digitalisation, audiobooks, self-publishing and many more. Follow this blog and find out more information about how to enjoy reading books even more using the digital media.

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